Who We Are

Born out of the challenge to find healthy, low carb, satisfying foods, we began making cauliflower pizza at home that was praised unanimously by family & friends, even the little eaters cheered! It grew into a hobby cooking each weekend to supply fans for the coming week. The passion to create the best recipe grew and we focused on developing more foods continuing on the healthy & delicious theme. Realizing the labor intensive process to create these addictive recipes and the lack of great tasting easy-prep, ready-to-cook alternatives, this group became the Nolita family with our first product out of the gate…


Our Cauli-tots are like a tater tot, but without the ‘tater. They’re made with cauliflower, egg whites, cheese, onion, and seasoning. Par baked, never fried, they’re come frozen and they just need to be popped in the oven for 12-14 minutes. These tasty tots serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be a snack, side or meal.

The Cauli-tots combine the growing interest in healthy, low carb eating with the convenience of easy to prepare foods. The tots taste great and meet the nutritional requirements of multiple specialty dietary trends such as gluten free, low carb and high protein diets in addition to being nut-free, non-GMO, and Keto & kid-friendly!